Japanese Torii Gate Garden Art: Students learn about Japan’s geography & cultural icons by hands-on exploration of kimonos & torii gate gardens.

PreK-grade 1: create unique 2D multimedia wood torii gate gardens 

Grades 2-5: build 3D wood torii gate gardens

Grades 3-5 email for info on Haiku Garden Poetry class component

Visual Arts

PK.VA:Cr3, PK.VA:Re7.1, PK.VA:Cn11
K.VA:Re7.1, KVA:Re7.2
1.VA:Re7.1, 1.VA:Re7.2, 1.VA:Cn11
2.VA:Cr3, 2.VA:Re7.1
3.VA: Cr3
4.VA:Cr2.1, 4.VA:Cn10, 4.VA:Cn11
5.VA:Cr2.1, 5.VA:Re7.2

English Language Arts:


GR2:R1.2  &  GR.2:R1.3

GR3:R1.2, GR3:R3.1, GR3:W2.2, GR3:LS1.4, GR3:LS1.7, GR3:LS1.9, GR3:LS2.2, GR3:LS2.3

GR4:W1.1, GR4:W1.1, GR4:W2.1, GR4:LS2.4, GR4:LS2.4, 


• Covers Montessori Primary Math Spindles Quantity and Sandpaper Letters

*In your contact please indicate if your’s is a Montessori School so Obi-Tying Practical Life, Spindles Quantity Counting & Custom Japanese Cultural Language Materials  can be integrated.